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I want to try a threesome

mood Date: Nov 2nd @ 9:21am EST
i miss traveling so baad.. cant wait to hear - "your boarding pass plz"
throughts of the day Date: Jul 5th @ 9:39am EDT
lets do what we love and do a lot of it
if you stuck at home.. my TOP 5 things to do Date: Mar 19th @ 8:50am EDT
1. yoga at the morning
2. book, you wanted start to read, but has no time
3. learn new recipe
4. loud music and dance in a mirror
5. call your family/friends and say how much you love them
throughts of the day Date: Mar 16th @ 9:30am EDT
be in love with your life. in every minute, every smile, every moment
mood Date: Mar 9th @ 8:54am EDT
it is me, or you too feeling something special when spring is comming? something different in the air.. warm sunshine on your face.. happy smile and playfull eyes.. isnt it cool?
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